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My Sewing Machine

For Christmas I got a Sewing Machine and I  recently made a purse, but I think it needs a little work.

I am a beginner and so I will need lots of fabric and patterns,  so I can be a professional Seamstress. I want to add lots of detail.

I need to improve on making sure there isn’t any string falling out. I am good at sewing straight lines and my mom is helping me

learn how to make items , I am very excited for sewing!


where I live

I Live in canada B.C I go to school at Central Elementry  and our community is big.I don’t mind living in British Columbia because the people in Chilliwack are polite and respectful to others.I wouldn’t want to live in any other place but Chilliwack.


About Me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Briaunna I live in Canada, Chilliwack, BC my favorite thing to do is play basket ball and soccer with my friends. My goals for the future, to be a fiction writer or an artist when I grow up. My teacher’s name is Mr. Lister, Mr. Lister works at Central Elementry community school as a grade five/six split teacher my favorite subject at school is Art that reason that I love art is because it’s very fun I hope in the future that we do sculpting and painting. I only have four friends at school they are very polite and friendly.

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